Working With US

You are our resource for fulfilling our client’s staffing needs. Achieving a good fit between the staff member and the employer is very important to meeting your goals and those of our client.

There is no fee to sign up with Ondonte Dental Staffing. Our client is the doctor and they pay all fees related to temporary assignments and permanent placements.

During your interview, we will ask you for your availability, distance willing to travel, positions you are seeking, and the rate of pay you would like to make. We will contact you regarding any opportunities that meet your requirements. The more you tell us about yourself and the more flexible you are, the more positions you may be eligible for.

We want you to give yourself the best opportunity to find a position. Therefore, is no obligation or time commitment to work exclusively with Ondonte Dental Staffing. We are committed to working with you to achieve the “right match” for your work and career objectives.

Temping Tips

Arrive Early

15 to 20 minutes early is the standard. If a specific office requires a different arrival time we will inform you. This is preparation time for the day and is not normally paid time.

Ask Questions

Upon arrival find out about the charting process the office uses, x-ray functions, learn where supplies are kept and verify the doctor expectations.

Upbeat and Friendly

It is important to fit into the office culture and be a part of the team. Always, greet each team member with a smile and friendly interaction.

Be a Team Player

When you are not busy ask how you may help another staff member. Offer to help where needed in the office. Never spend down time on your mobile device.

Leave Your Area Clean

At the end of the day make sure to leave with everything set up for the next day. Make sure all instruments are returned to their proper location or packages. Verify with the Office Manager or Doctor what is expected at the end of the day. If you are unsure about anything before you leave-ASK.

Forms to Take With You

It is your responsibility to provide the office with a W4 and I9 for payroll and a time sheet to document your hours. If you do not have access to a printer, the office may have blank copies of these forms. The approved forms of identification for the I9 are either a valid Driver’s License with your picture and your Social Security Card, or your Passport.Many offices will want to see your Pocket License and CPR Card. The W4 and I9 forms will be included in your confirmation of assignment email from Ondonte. You should keep a copy of your time sheet for your records.

We want you to give yourself the best opportunity to find a position. Therefore is no obligation or time commitment to work specifically with Ondonte Dental Staffing. We are committed to working for you to make the “right match.” That is critical to your success.

To Apply

We have made it easy for you

Please complete all required fields (noted with asterisks) and as many additional fields in the application as possible. Also upload your resume to be considered.

We know your time is valuable, however please note that the more you tell us about yourself on your application the sooner we can get started matching your specific skills and requirements to placement opportunities. After we review your resume and application, we will contact you for an interview and provide detailed information regarding our interview process. Please bring copies of:

Apply   Login


Certificate of graduation from your dental assisting program, California x-ray license


Current pocket license, California x-ray license (if it is not on your x-ray license)


Current pocket license Dentist: Current pocket license, Current DEA, Current Liability, Current CPR


California license and resume