Frequently Asked Questions by Clients

How do you find your temporary and permanent candidates?

We have a large candidate pool that is constantly being updated with qualified candidates. We have interviews scheduled weekly to meet and identify new skilled candidates. Many candidates call us directly through our website, some are developed from our recruitment efforts, and many are referred to us by other professionals who have worked with us.

Why should I call Ondonte to help my office find permanent employees?

Ondonte interviews face-to face EVERY applicant before we accept them in our candidate pool, from the brand new dental assistant to the most experienced hygienist or doctor. We spend the time it takes to get to know our candidates one-on-one, to understand what they can provide to a potential employer. We call references, verify credentials and work with one of the largest background check companies in the nation. You are also provided with a limited guarantee of up to 3 months should you decide the candidate is not the right fit for your office. Now that’s a deal!

When I have a temp in my office how are they paid?

Ondonte is a referral service only. While the temporary staff is working at your office they are your employee. They should fill out a W-4, and an I-9 for your records and you will pay them directly. We understand that many offices use a payroll service to handle employee checks. We inform our temporary staff that each office has their own payroll protocol, and that they will be compensated according to your payroll schedule.

What about taxes?

While California employment laws are specific about how you should handle payroll taxes, we recommend that you consult your CPA regarding how you will handle withholding, and W2 vs Independent Contractor status. Our research with the State of California and the IRS indicates that temporary dental staff are not to be treated as independent contractors but rather as W2 employees. We request that each temp arrive at your office with a W-4 and I-9, to assist you in expediting payment to the temporary employee. These forms are provided to the temp along with their email confirmation. However, some temporary staff do not have access to a printer at home and may ask for blank forms from you.

Can we request someone we really liked to return and how do we handle that?

We keep track of every time a temp works for you, and we keep notes on your feedback about their performance. We make every effort to provide continuity of personnel. When you inform us we can add a particular temp to your favorites list and reach out to that person(s) when we receive a request from you. Ondonte is your partner in providing your staff, and should be contacted to schedule additional days for a favorite temp.

What kind of fees are involved in using your service and do I have to pay upfront?

Ondonte offers competitive fees for various staffing situations. Our permanent placement fees are based on both part time and full time employment. We offer options for arranging payment for long-term temporary staffing requests. We also offer credit card and check payment options.

When do I pay Ondonte, and what options do you have for payment?

We send you an invoice at the end of each week for any temporary placements for that week. Invoices are due upon receipt. With our secure credit card processing service, we can handle your payments automatically on the invoice date so that you never have to write a check. We accept Visa and Master Car d and American Express. We will forward a paid receipt immediately, via email or post. Just let us know. Permanent placements are invoiced at the hire date, at which time payments are due, once the background check is complete.

How is a temp’s pay rate determined?

Ondonte sets the pay rate for each temporary employee based upon our stated range for each employee type , and the skill level of the temporary employee. We will discuss the range with you prior to scheduling a temp, and will provide you with a confirmation email, informing you of the final pay rate before they arrive.