We match the right candidate to your office, culture, and requirements.

We offer a variety of temporary and permanent staffing services designed to meet the full range of our client’s requirements.


We know that your staff is your lifeline. Therefore, we are committed to constantly developing new candidates to add to our roster of professionals who can fill in on a moment’s notice to cover:

  • Sick calls
  • Emergencies
  • Vacations
  • Medical leaves
  • Seasonal needs for additional staff coverage

We personally meet and interview every applicant to evaluate and confirm their technical skills, credentials, communication style, and personality so that we can match the very right candidate to your office culture and requirements.

We have temporary candidates who are fully pre-screened from all over the Greater East Bay. We can place the right employee at the right time, with the appropriate commute time.  Whenever possible we make it a priority to first consider filling your referral request with a candidate you have employed before and provided positive feedback regarding requesting them again.

Our “temp-to-perm” service allows you the time to evaluate the candidate before making the decision to hire. You can take all the time necessary. Once you have made your decision on the candidate that is the right one for your practice, we credit any temporary placement fees paid within the previous six months for that candidate to your permanent placement fee.

The cost of advertising, contacting, interviewing, evaluating, reference checking, and performing a background check alone can exceed $4000! And that is before you do a working interview!

Ondonte will do all of that for you and only send the candidates who meet your stated requirements.   We carefully listen to what you need and review a candidate’s performance and suitability to your company’s culture and work environment before you ever meet them. Why waste your valuable time and money when we can pre-screen for you?

When it comes to the process of hiring a permanent employee, what is your time worth to you?

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Ondonte Dental Staffing significantly reduces your cost and time spent in the hiring process because we assume the full responsibility and up-front costs of recruiting, screening, evaluating, and personally interviewing each potential candidate that we refer to you.

Finding the right candidate today requires a combination of technology, searches, networking, and many personal interviews.

Through quality referrals from both existing clients and from within our own pool of talent, we will find candidates you may not otherwise have access to, yet may really want to consider. We have a history with many of our candidates that gives us a unique perspective on how they may fit into your office team.

We provide your first introduction to candidates we have selected for you through email. In just a few minutes at your desk, you will save hours on reviewing many unqualified candidates who may have responded to your advertising. We will have already vetted the applicants and submit only those we feel are the right match for your office profile.

We offer a 3-month limited employment guarantee. In the people business, there are no guarantees, however, Ondonte Dental Staffing offers you the peace of mind of continued support if a replacement is required during this first 90 days. We provide you options if things don’t work out when the “honeymoon period” is over and you or the candidate feel it’s not the right fit. With Ondonte, you do not have to start from scratch – again! We offer a prorated refund or replacement with another candidate at a prorated fee to you based on how long they actually worked for you.

Professional Third-Party Background Check

We also provide a background and reference check for all our permanent hires, which is included in our permanent placement fee. We understand how important it is to make sure you hire the person you can trust the first time!

Our standard background check includes:

  • Criminal and Civil searches (for county of residences)
  • Driver’s  License records
  • SSN verification
  • Employment verification
  • Reference Interviews

We work with Universal Background Services, a global screening provider focused entirely on background screening. Hiring today comes with very strict hiring laws and rules, which may change several times each year. Working with Universal Background Services ensures that all applicable background check requirements are met when you are ready to hire.

Universal Background Screening Named as a Top Screening Firm for the 13th Year in a Row

We make sure it is done right so you can focus on your practice.

To learn more, click here: http://www.universalbackground.com/