Code of Conduct

Ondonte continually strives to deliver the highest quality dental staffing services by referring the finest dental professionals to the best dental practices in the area. The Ondonte code of conduct is the set of principles to which all Ondonte referrals; employers and team members agree to adhere, ensuring consistent, reliable placements and interactions time after time.

What to Expect from Ondonte

Ondonte provides a relationship-based service committed to creating loyal and satisfied clients by placing highly skilled and qualified dental professionals who serve as temporary team members in our clients’ offices. With our extensive hands-on knowledge of the dental profession, experience, and access to state-of-the-art staffing technologies, we are uniquely qualified to deliver exceptional placement services. With an emphasis on service, our goal is to provide peace of mind for all parties by meeting all temporary and permanent staffing needs with referrals that are fully evaluated and qualified to be the “right fit” for the client.

What we expect from Ondonte Referrals

All our referrals are expected to be polite, courteous, self-motivated, confident, knowledgeable, responsible, and honest.

Referrals who accept an assignment are expected to honor their commitment. They are expected to arrive at work early enough to orient themselves and be fully prepared to start the day. The candidate is expected to meet with the employer and gain an understanding of the responsibilities. If there are any questions regarding duties or procedures they are expected to ask!

Personal Hygiene
The candidate will arrive well groomed, with minimal makeup, no perfume or strong fragrances, absolutely no odor from smoking, hair pulled back, no loose jewelry, wearing a clean smock or scrubs, and closed-toe white shoes. They are advised to refrain from chewing gum or eating while on duty.

Referrals are asked to be friendly to the staff members at the office. They are advised to refrain from long stories, discussions of personal life or finances, previous employers or co-workers, and especially their own rate of pay. Do not make comparisons with other offices or offer opinions on the client’s office to patients. Also, do not attempt to school the office on their procedures. You are advised to report any complaints to Ondonte, we do and will address any grievances.

It is expected that the candidate will always leave their workplace clean and ready for the next day of business according to the standards of that office.

What we expect from Ondonte Employers

Work environment
We select offices with a friendly, clean, well-lit, safe work environment, harassment-free; and have the necessary tools and equipment in good working order that enables the referral to perform their duties to the best of their ability.

Our service improves with candid and continued quality feedback. We encourage our clients to complete all referral evaluations. Alternatively, we are very appreciative of any opportunity to receive feedback from you directly by telephone or email. The form is available here. We strive to place candidates with your office that you’ve indicated a preference for in the past.

Several years ago, the State of California issued rules concerning the pay requirements for temporary workers. These rules were reiterated by the CDA and can be found here. The rule essentially states that the temporary employee must be paid at the end of the day they work or at the end of their final workday if they work two or more days in a row. Further, the State of California makes it clear that temporary employees in a dental office do not meet the test for independent contractors. That ruling is explained here. We recognize that many offices use a third-party payroll service and obtaining a same-day check can be difficult or impossible. Offices that are in this circumstance pay the temporary employee with a company check for the estimated net pay after taxes. The payroll service then issues a check for the difference, if any, with the proper taxes withheld at the next regular payday.